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Silver Labradors

VJL Silver Labradors is a kennel based in Osteen, Florida that specializes in the breeding of silver labradors. Silver Labradors are a variation of the chocolate lab, with genes that dilute their brown coat allowing it to appear silver. Silver labradors may vary in coloration depending on how they were bred and are a popular choice of pet among families in the United States because of their fun-loving and caring personality.


Aside from the silver color, silver labradors are essentially the same as other labradors. Silver Labradors need plenty of exercise and maybe a little bit tougher to train than other retrievers as they get bored easily. Because of their intelligence and ability to adapt to different environments, silver Labradors are commonly used as disability assistance dog but are also used as gun dogs, show dogs, obedience dogs, and sniffer dogs. Contact us and bring home a new beautiful furry family member today!

Silver Labrador Breeders

AKC Registered Purebred Breeder of:

White Labs, Chocolate Labs, Champagne Labs, Silver Labs & Yellow Labradors

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