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About Us

Like some of the best stories, ours begins with a dog. 

The idea for VJL Silver Labradors Kennel was conceived when we picked up our Labrador named George in 2013.  There was something about this breed that made us believe that they are just an amazing dog for anyone.  Like all dogs, they have one mission in life, and that's to please his owner.  This leads us to think about the idea of starting a breeding program.  


Our program is focused on the soundness of temperament and health.  We find that vibrant health also depends on high nutrition  We work closely with our veterinarians to ensure optimal health in our adult dogs along with our puppies.  We are a small kennel located in Osteen Florida. - old Florida, a small town and our home is 20 yards from our kennels.  We have 3 boys who help raise, train, and care for our dogs and puppies on a daily basis.  We love sending our Labradors puppies to their new homes.  They have been bred to make their new families happy--and they do!  Many buyers have come back for a second, third, and even fourth puppy from VJL Kennels. There is great satisfaction in knowing we've added an important dimension to the lives of our puppies' new owners.  

Boy holding a puppy
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