Our Males 



Hank a silver male lab.  He is athletic, strong muscular and fiercely loyal to our family. He has taken on the role of Protector of VJL Kennels. Hank will patrol the fourteen acres to make sure our labs are safe at night.   He is devoted to everyone including our grey cat whom we believe may be his best friend. His competitive nature makes great sport for Sarah when chasing after tennis balls. No matter what time of the day or night Hank will always have a ball, bone, or stick in his mouth to give you and will gently place at your feet when asked to release it.



George is a black male lab- Our first lab and the patriarch of our family.  George is a sweet gentle giant. He loves the pool and loves to lay in the shade a long nap.  He is protective but once he starts to love you - you will be loved forever. He is quite smart and a bit of an escape artist at times.. he loves to roam the fourteen acres we have in Osteen.