Purchasing Info

Silver / Charcoal / Champagne / White Labs

  • $1,600Limited (Pet)


Black / Chocolate / Yellow

  • $1,200 Limited (Pet)

Puppy reservation requires a $250 deposit. Our puppies are usually sold before they are born.  Reserve a pup from VJL Kennel’s current or upcoming litter today. Please call for details.


We will honor all previous pricing of all reservations before Aug 25, 2020.  

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.
For shipment within the USA, the cost is $450.


Please contact VJL Labs for payment options.

~ Pedigrees & Health Clearances are available upon request. ~


  • Available at 8 Weeks of Age

  • We use Delta Airlines at the cost of $450.00

Deposit Information

VJL Kennels requires a non-refundable $250 deposit to be placed on our waiting list.  Puppy picks will be made at 6 weeks of age.  Families need to be prepared to decide on their puppy at 6 weeks of age.  Please prepare to visit on the week they turn 6 weeks; please schedule accordingly with us.  If you cannot make the puppy pick out date, we will provide you pictures and a short video for you to make your selection.  We ask families who are getting a puppy not to wait until the last minute to make their selection; please understand that other families are anticipating their puppy as much as you are.


If the buyer is unable to do this in person, we will work with them by sending pictures and describing the pup's personalities.   The puppies will go home at 8 weeks. If you cannot pick up your puppy on the weekend they turn 8 weeks (for example if the puppy is 8 weeks on a Tuesday you will need to pick up the  puppy by Sunday).  Starting Monday, the boarding fee of $25 per day and will be due at the time of pick up.  We will only board your puppy for 10 days. 

All deposits are non-refundable at the point you are contacted that your puppy has been born you will have a choice to accept that puppy or transfer to a future litter.  Should you choose not to transfer your deposit to the next available litter in the event your choice of puppy was not born, passed away, or the bitch has a false/loss of /non-pregnancy,  you forfeit any monies paid.

Nature plays a big part in our breeding program we do our best to estimate timing but cannot control false/loss of/non-pregnancy or the loss of a puppy.  If you do not understand this is part of your deposit and our program; we are not your breeder. 

All good things take time, all good quality breeders do not have a stockpile of puppies waiting for your call. A non-refundable deposit is one way of making sure you are serious about the commitment of taking one of our puppies. You are free to find a different breeder. 

By placing a deposit with VJL Kennels, please understand that it could take up to one year for you to get a new family member.   

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